Symphony of Nature

Symphony of Nature

Symphony of  Nature is a place (blog) to share  my admiration of nature.  Small moments that I capture through lens connects me to the whole experience that lead to these images for ever. This is the place where I want to share my experiences,  knowledge of places I visited and techniques learned behind the camera.

I posted last 3 trip reports already in the blog. While reviewing the content of these posts I realized that its more about planning and events of the trip. I hardly covered the three important topic that I mentioned above. Well, I’m not a writter and I’ll try not to pretend to be one (going easy on readers, isn’t it? :D).

I have two main section in the blog, one to cover my trip reports and other to cover different articles  about different techniques of photography, details about locations/places and etc…

In main page of the blog, please enter your email-id and click “sign me up”  for (auto subscription) receiving email notification of new article postings.

There is a “Leave A Comment” link at the end of each artcle. It always nice to hear your comments. I’m very open for critic, good or bad 😀


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