Yet Another Casualty

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This pregnant whale died after struck by a ship and washed to San Mateo County beach two weeks ago. There should be a way to avoid this kind of accidents. May be by using some kind of whale repulsion device in ships.  Blue whales are endangered and very likely to categorized into critically endangered in couple of years. These are giants, we can not keep them in farms and grow them in quantities in order to save this species. If we can not help, least that we can do is leaving them alone. This is another issue that shipping industry should consider. 90% of world trade is carried through ships. Almost everything that use in our daily life are brought here through ships. Its multi-billion dollar industry. Its hardly an expense for them to spend for research to find ways to avoiding this kind of accidents.

Anyways, I finally got my new camera 5D MarkII and started again where I stopped  photography early this year due to the mishap that costed my gear. Its unfortunate to start with new camera on a sad note ( this image) though.

If any bay area folks want to visit, here are the GPS coordinates and map. Bean Hallow beach is about 12 miles south to Half Moon Bay.