Yosemite Trip (5th Feb 2011)

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For last four year, I went to Yosemite many time during February  in hope to see the magical light transforming  tiny, thin horsetail fall into  hot streaming fire falls. Finally it was my turn to witness this magic. Generally anticipation makes expectation bars rise higher. The longer you wait eagerly, higher your expectations rise. So in general when things happen, you end up with little disappointment. But in case of horsetail falls it was beyond my all expectations. I have been seeing many photographs over the years. I almost know every streak and stain on El capitan around the falls. In spite of that my heart pounded as the light shifted towards peak on red spectrum and water flow shimmered in light.

As I mentioned in my journals last couple years, the original photograph was taken by Galen Rowell.
His image of this falls is still the best. You can see it in Galen Rowell’s Yosemite gallery (2nd page)

My image is from some where close to Cathedral Beach on South Drive.

As the color on falls slowly faded light, my focus turned towards the sky. Sunset was glorious.
Unfortunately there are lot of distraction in left corner in this image (below). Had we got enough time to get into the river, it would have been a great image.

We enjoyed sunrise at inspiration point. Following two images are from there. Point to note here is
First image was taken 30 minutes before sunrise, Peak color faded away with in a minute or two. So I guess, we need to be there way before sunrise here.

Following two are my personal favorites from the trip. This is one of the intimate images of Merced flow. I had to get into water for right perspective and zoom for this image. I had waterproof over-all on me, without which I wouldn’t  even dare touch winter cold river. Merced is cold even in mid summer.

Here is another original and personal favorite “Life Under Shadow of Giant”.

Here are three macros

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