Supermoon Lunar Eclipse and Stalking Lion

Today (9/2/62015)  is Super moon Lunar Eclipse. It’s called super moon since  moon’s orbit gets closer to earth, thus it looks slightly bigger than usual.  I went to  Don Edward Wildlife Refuse in Fremont to shoot the total eclipse sequence. Unfortunately, clouds covered east completely. So I could not even see moon rise. But north and west were clear. So we had gorgeous sunset.


I had hardly 10 minutes to pick a location and compose this image. When fast flowing stream merge into slow moving (opposite direction) or stagnant waters, whirlpools are created.  If you slow down your shutter speed significantly (15 sec. in this case), you can create concentric circles as you see in this image. You can see lion’s eyes, nose in the water with cattail (grass) as mane.

I came back home and found there are no clouds in San Ramon and I could see moon clearly. I missed total eclipse and so called blood moon phase. Here is what I could capture last one hour.



Happy Clicking


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