Climbing Grand Tetons, Hakan Yalcin Journal

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain

Finding purpose of life is a journey. Every individual need to discover their own paths and find their passion. People who can pursue their passion not only makes difference in their own lives but inspires others as well.

Here is one of such inspirations… Hakan Yalcin

Hakan is very accomplished mountaineer. He summited several mountains all over the world including dozens of  Sierra-Nevada peaks. He has commendable  knowledge on Sierras peaks and geology. I was fortunate to hike Glacier Canyon with him last year (trip report can be found few posts below).
Here is one of Hakan’s recent trips… Summiting Grand Teton.
Tetons range is part of Rocky Mountains that are spread from New Mexico to Canada British Columbia. Teton range is very photogenic range located in Jason Hold, Wyoming.  During my two trips to Tetons National Park,  I had opportunity to shoot Sunrise with Tetons in back ground. But looking at Grand Tetons craggy terrain, climbing it would have never crossed my mind.
Here is Hakan’s photo journal of Climbing Grand Tetons…
To youngsters in audience …
Being inspired is good thing but, as Ben said (Benjamin Franklin), “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”.  Class 5 climbs are technical climbs that need professional training and lot of experience. Just don’t take rope and cams to attempt rock climbing tomorrow. Attempt like this needs years of preparation and gradual built up of experience  🙂

Happy Trails


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