Yosemite Trip (1/9/2016)

Yosemite National Park is winter wonderland of Sierras that one can drive … of course with lot of caution and preferably on 4×4  vehicle or vehicle with snow chains. Among all the other seasons, I love Yosemite in winter. Although I cannot wander off into wilderness, valley floor itself is so magical with snow laden pines, snow painted crags, lazy Merced flowing through snow caped rocks and drifting patches of fog in meadows … it’s like a dreamscape came alive before you.

I used to visit Yosemite in winter at least twice every winter during snow blizzards. I couldn’t do that  last couple of years due to severe drought in California. El Niño this year coming with promise of lot of precipitation to the region.  Fresh snow was in forecast last Saturday (1/9/2016), so I planned a weekend trip to Yosemite to shoot on Saturday and Sunday morning and return.
Here few images from this Trip.  Few tips/notes on composition of images
  • Less is more. When number of elements in the image are less, it’s easier to work in composing the image such that you can place them aesthetically. Three brother image is example
  • Snow laden rocks frame the water fall tight and keeps the attention on falls. Tree branches on right are little distraction, but they are subdued in to the rock behind.
  • Tree with Sun-star is rather an example of how not to compose an image. Even though tree and sun star are the main subjects, placing the tree and sun-star in middle is not good. It would have been a good landscape image, had I included the meadow on left and/or place sun-star on top 1/3 of the frame. Due to the fact there are many people in the meadow playing in the snow and the lenses that I have restricted my ability to do so.


Three Brothers Reflecting in Merced River



Happy Clicking

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