Weekend Trip to Redwood National Park (5/27/2017)

Good rain year brought spectacular flowering season this year. California spring was colorful this year.  But I could not make a single trip during spring to anywhere. As spring wrapping up and temperatures started to rise, I know lupines bloom reaches peak on Bald Hills of Redwood National Park at this time of the year. I made a weekend trip to Redwoods. It’s over 12 hours drive (to and fro) to spend 12 hours in the park (well, better than not going at all).

Lupines bloom is spectacular as expected. I picked up my location and waited for sunset. I composed image such that a sun-star to  form in the middle when the sun get below the oak trees on horizon. As it about to happen in another couple of minutes, fog rolled in like magic. Adopting to situation, I had to change my composition.



Next day I went in to the Coastal Redwood forest. Coastal redwoods are tallest living species that grow up to 370ft. Fog that comes from ocean keeps this forest humid. As sun rises over horizon, fog dissipates and let sun rays penetrates. Fog, Sunray beams create a great magical ambience. I waited 6 hours for that magic to happen, but fog was so dense that  day, sun had no chance and deprived my chance to that shot. But I had good 6 hours at this location. So. finished William Golding’s Lord of Flies. An excellent read; particularly to kids. It’s an open ended conclusion (not story wise, but it’s moral teaching). So gives an excellent opportunity for an evening discussion with kids on philosophy.

Without further deviation, here are images from Lady Bird Johnson Grove.



Happy Clicking


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